Nathan Main - Dynamic, Powerful, Balanced, Loving

Nathan Main – Dynamic, Powerful, Balanced, Loving

We welcome you to participate in an energetic process, clearing hundreds of energy blocks, interferences, doubts, fears, judgments, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, inhibitors and resistances, as well as limiting beliefs and programs. We have carried many of these energy-based obstacles with us from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime, as well as creating them in this one.

These energetic obstacles disallow our showing up with all our glory and magnificence, innate knowing and wisdom, with optimum intuition, creativity, inner strength, talents and abilities, fully self expressed and demonstrative, being, doing, having, perceiving, receiving and intending as Infinite and Divine Creator Beings and a true expression of “Infinite Spirit, Infinite Consciousness and Divine Intelligence.”

Allow me the honor of serving you from my highest nature, supporting you in realizing your highest nature, that you may know greater peace, balance, harmony and wholeness in heart, mind and soul.

How many beliefs, thoughts, doubts, programs, vows, resistances and unresolved emotions are interfering with your clarity, personal empowerment, effectiveness, optimum demonstrations and self expression? Nathan finds and facilitates energetic clearing of hundreds of filters you are not even aware of by engaging Spirit Consciousness.

Explore the possibilities of what Nathan’s Adept Energy Transformation can do for you.