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handsPeople are talking about Nathan’s Spirit Transformation work. We’re compiling all the comments and testimonials, so come back soon to get the scoop on what they’re saying. For now, read below for some of Nathan’s favorite comments.

Thank you so much for tonight’s clearing. What a powerful experience! I feel a gazillion times lighter and expanded. What a gift you have been given. — Anonymous Class Attendee

Private Sessions & Energy Clearings Testimonials & Recommendations
Group Energy Clearing & Light Activation Survey Responses

Private Sessions & Energy Clearings Testimonials & Recommendations

Whether you are seeking a coach for personal development or a deeper spiritual guidance in any aspect of your life, it is my personal experience that working with Nathan Main and following his guidance can profoundly change your life in record time. I have been a client of Nathan for four years. During this time Nathan has through his application of the most appropriate methods of energy clearing, healing, guidance and education helped me get through the most difficult of circumstances to achieving amazing life transformation.

My path has been one of living a limited life of accepting abuse and self doubt; being a victim of circumstances, to a life of accepting my divine nature, passionately pursuing my life purpose and taking full responsibility for creating the life I want and deserve. With Nathan’s help I now feel empowered, supported and capable of doing anything my heart desires. When I feel doubt or life throws me a curveball, I am equipped with an arsenal of techniques taught by Nathan to get myself back on track, and I always have Nathan to turn to if I need immediate energy clearance or loving support and guidance to remind me of my purpose, helping me back to being my empowered self. I am blessed and highly grateful for having access to Nathan and his divine wisdom. Thank You!
— Else Hafstad, President and CEO, Imenco International Inc.

Hi Nathan – Great class – I benefited from it immensely. The group work is powerful in that it allows a person to experience everyone else’s reactions as well as their own on an energetic level. When we did the mantras the energy in the room rose up immediately and demonstrated how quickly one can shift energy by what they are focusing on. It gave us an opportunity to feel the difference and also to note how effortless and easy the process actually is when put into practice. The contrast in the room’s vibrations made if very clear how if feels to release resistance and just be. Great experience.
— MollieO, ABQ, NM

Mr. Nathan’s sessions are very powerful. My fears are gone, my focus is stronger and my trust is back. I feel light like a feather and grounded at the same time. I know Mr. Nathan’s work is very important in our times of change. Love, Maria

Thank you for taking the time to write and share some mantras…I truly appreciate all that you have shared…and look forward to working with you…and toward having you as a friend in the spiritual community here. We are so blessed. — Barbara

Thanks again for being a brilliant, radiant light on my path. I learned so much; I can’t wait to see how it manifests in my life. Just a few short weeks ago, I felt like I had lost the will to live. Now, I am excited to see how my life unfolds as I send forth my intention to be spiritually responsible instead of being resentful that I am here at all which has manifested a lifetime of self-destruction and illness even though I have been on a spiritual path for 20 years. You are proof that one person can make a difference.
— Sincerely, Bobbie A., Houston, TX

Dear Nathan, I have had such incredible changes from the last clearing, I am excited to attend again this Friday. A pain just below my ribs which I have had for years is gone as a result of the past life clearing. It was a stab wound and I found myself miraculously able to feel it, heal it and remove it. WOW!
— Bobbie A., Houston, NM

Nathan has been a wonderful and supportive blessing in the balancing and healing of my body and energies throughout the many years I’ve worked with him. I am very grateful for his being in my life; and, I highly recommend him as a wonderful gift in changing your life.
— Blessings, MJ Maday

Thank you for your commitment to this extraordinary process. I appreciate the changes felt, and experienced the difference immediately.The group was quiet, but responsive, none the less. Thank you again,

Thank you so very much Nathan…for your loving service for the community and the planet.This transformational work has indeed changed the way I experience life forever. When I first started the sessions, I was broke or close to it and had been for a long time, had no steady income, no partner, and was ready for a shift. This was early 2010. Since then, my income has increased, opportunities for income have been bountiful…and…and I have my Divine Partner in my life…soon to be here in Albuquerque…as my one love.

I am in deep and eternal gratitude for your work…and your dedication to enhanced wellness.

I am blessed to be your friend, and to have experienced these clearings.
— Barbara

Group Energy Clearing & Light Activation Survey Responses

Many thanks for presenting at our Los Lunas dowsers meeting! I thought that you did a wonderful job at yesterdays Transformational Workshop. We would like to invite you back for more sometime next year. (When we have heat in the room) A lot of great information and clearing that could have gone on longer. Wishing you all the best success at “The Source” and beyond. Infinite Spirit is in Divine Order. Love & Blessings, — Gary

Would you please share with me, what this Group Energy Clearing experience was like for you?

The evening was very intense and profound. There were two things that you said that really resonated with my own knowing.
Consciousness is beyond our concept of God. That beliefs hinder our knowing. I have lost all feelings of fear.

What can you share with me, that you would share with a friend, about the evening?

Exactly what I have stated above and that the clearing of blocks would assist them in moving forward in their lives.

Please also share with me wether or not you have been doing the the mantras and what a difference they have made for you.

I have been doing the mantras since I saw you on Saturday.

What’s different for you, about this past week, than the week before the group clearing?

The lack of fear has given me a lot more confidence and not worrying what others will say or think.

Would you recommend the group clearing experience to others?

I already have and hopefully I will bring 3 more people next time.

How do you experience and use the mantras?

I can feel my vibration changing in my body when I repeat the mantras on a regular basis. I was recently inspired to companion the mantras with binaural audio (like HemiSynch), and the two together had my body vibrating on a cellular level from my head to my toes. I’m working on a video that combines your high light frequency I Am statements with crop circle images and binaural audio for a fast track frequency shift. Very powerful, and I only did this because I was so inspired by the tools you provide in your light activations.